Built For The Reality Of Today’s Modern Golfer

With the ever increasing demands on time, finances and family, the traditional golf membership is simply too big of a commitment with too many restrictions.  A CCGG Flex Membership Account allows those who take their golf seriously, but who also lead busy lives, the ability to enjoy all the benefits of being a member, at less than half the price of a typical private club membership.  But what makes a CCGG flex membership unique, is that CCGG Flex Members can enjoy their membership benefits at any of CCGG’s courses in Ontario.

A CCGG Flex Membership is the best golf membership option for today’s busy working professional.

Flex Membership

A CCGG Flex Membership – Offers a host of unique membership benefits that are designed specifically with today’s busy working family member in mind.  Not only does your flex membership give you the traditional playing benefits of a membership, but flex members can also put their annual dues towards restaurant & pro-shop purchases, as well as paying for guest fees when they host other players at the club.  CCGG Flex members don’t end at their local club.  Flex members can play at any CCGG course in Ontario and carry the same membership benefits.

CCGG Flex Membership

Built so you can enjoy the game you love, while respecting your time, your money and what’s important in your life. If you love to play, and have always thought about becoming a member – A CCGG Flex Membership is the best of all worlds.

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